Nowadays Corona Virus pandemic is spreading in a very wide range (COVID -19)is the new type of illness that affects lungs and airways Cause by virus Coronavirus. There is no proper vaccination for it and there is a lot of dead’s reports of this virus. the whole world is under the attack of coronavirus everywhere in world people got panic and they are staying inside the home and some countries in the world declarea health emergency and all lockdown in some states and all shopping malls are closed market and public sector as well as private sector all education departments closed for further announcements, which down all the world economy as well as Pakistan business industry

Down due to lockdown in some places and government declare 3 Week off in education sector and all business industry as well as closed all border with near countries so the import-export

the process is stopped also immigration the stock exchange fall very quickly and by some international sources it will rapidly fall down which inflation Pakistan’s economy has stabilized greatly in recent years. Until a few yearsago but coronavirus spread very quickly and peoples get panic about their life no one getting anything from market and market also closed

IMF Warns Negative Impact on Pakistan
IMF warns negative marks to Pakistan after the corona virus spreading but Pakistani Authorities reject the statement of IMF Pakistan GDP growth Target 3.3 percent and inflation will remain 11 intakes. IMF current inflation to Pakistan GDP 2.4 percent but Pakistan didn’t agree with IMF statement with that.

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