Being a freelancer, or self-employed means that instead of working for one company, you are at freedom to work for whoever you prefer, for few hours or maximum amount as you wish. Once you graduate or still studying, freelancing offers an excellent way to try totally corporations or industries and acquire expertise demanded by employers.

Why start freelancing?

There are several reasons to start:

  1. Because of its affordability in nature to start if you have some skills and equipment.
  2. It’s very quick in nature as soon you received the client you can start it and get paid.
  3. It gives you the freedom to work independently and in any kind of place.
  4. It is flexible to work part-time.

What do you need to get started?

A special skill you need to have it in your hand before starting as a freelancer that you can offer to potential clients. Some people offer services based on their employment experience whereas some others acquired them.

How do you find work?

Freelancers can found work everywhere but places linked with social media online and offline need to be acknowledged. Learn about your target market and ask your surrounding where clients are looking for help provide the ideas and resources.

There are many freelancing sites like Fiver, freelancer, Upwork where you can sell your skills and found the work. These sites are not for any specific country, where anyone can do work from anywhere in the world.

Steps to start a successful freelancing business:

  1. Define Goals: The first step is to define your business goal, without a clearly defined goal, it becomes very difficult to achieve what you want and where you would like to go. World topmost entrepreneurs agree on this, before starting a business, take your time, understand it and make sure that this call is the right one.
  2. Find a profitable Niche: Identify the field in which there is less competition. There will be lots of people who will offer their skills at a lower price than you around the world, so you must have some good idea so that you can compete over the price with another freelancer. Initially, you have to work with everyone later you can on your experience decide which client is more comfortable to work with. As you will gain more experience than you can increase your service charges as well and improve your profile as well.


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