The most used social website by populations all over the world was introduced in 2005 developed over sequential months. From youtube, people have created their own channels on which they upload news updates, entertainment updates, lectures, tutorials and earn a handsome amount of money.

YouTube allows its users to comment on their tutorials, videos, subscribe to the channels that help them to increase their channel ratings. Following are some steps through which you can create your own youtube channels with little effort and earn a big amount at your home.


Steps to make money:

There are a million ways to make money for the creators and Youtube nowadays providing many facilities by using this person can get benefits.

For instance, some successful you tubers are making money by uploading their videos and are earning up to 3 to 4 figures. Chatting features helps to do chat with your fans and viewers and these features help them to earn money directly from fans and viewers instead of through ads money.

Steps to make your YouTube Channel:

If you want to make a YouTube channel for earn money, but you have no idea then these steps helps you to make a YouTube channel.

  • Take your initial step with basics: 
    • Create your Gmail account, sign into YouTube and click on the user icon
    • Open your YouTube settings
    • Create a new youtube channel with unique name
    • lastly add your brand name and click create
  • Write something in about Field:

Next write something in the about section of your channel. This section describe your brand that what you are offering to the viewer’s and you can add link of your site here as well. From this viewers will know about your channel so do your best to fill it with zeal. 

  • Channel your art: 

First thing you will see when open your channel, is large banner displaying channel name. Here you have to put your brand photo that describe you.

  • Information about your channel:

Most important way to transfer information now a days is making video instead of writing long paragraphs. So make shorts video about your channel and use social media to promote it.

  • Short trailers:

For the new comers it is difficult to get the traffic on your channel, describe your channel well, it is very helpful in search and browsing video, use add advertisements and short trailers it will enhance your channel speed.

  • Stay steady:

Once you have created your channel and upload first video, then stay consistent because it will take some time to become familiar / popular.


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