How YouTube helps you to earn Money

The most used social website by populations all over the world was introduced in 2005 developed over sequential months. From youtube, people have created their own channels on which they upload news updates, entertainment updates, lectures, tutorials and earn a handsome amount of money.

YouTube allows its users to comment on their tutorials, videos, subscribe to the channels that help them to increase their channel ratings. Following are some steps through which you can create your own youtube channels with little effort and earn a big amount at your home.


Steps to make money:

There are a million ways to make money for the creators and Youtube nowadays providing many facilities by using this person can get benefits.

For instance, some successful you tubers are making money by uploading their videos and are earning up to 3 to 4 figures. Chatting features helps to do chat with your fans and viewers and these features help them to earn money directly from fans and viewers instead of through ads money.

Steps to make your YouTube Channel:

If you want to make a YouTube channel for earn money, but you have no idea then these steps helps you to make a YouTube channel.

  • Take your initial step with basics: 
    • Create your Gmail account, sign into YouTube and click on the user icon
    • Open your YouTube settings
    • Create a new youtube channel with unique name
    • lastly add your brand name and click create
  • Write something in about Field:

Next write something in the about section of your channel. This section describe your brand that what you are offering to the viewer’s and you can add link of your site here as well. From this viewers will know about your channel so do your best to fill it with zeal. 

  • Channel your art: 

First thing you will see when open your channel, is large banner displaying channel name. Here you have to put your brand photo that describe you.

  • Information about your channel:

Most important way to transfer information now a days is making video instead of writing long paragraphs. So make shorts video about your channel and use social media to promote it.

  • Short trailers:

For the new comers it is difficult to get the traffic on your channel, describe your channel well, it is very helpful in search and browsing video, use add advertisements and short trailers it will enhance your channel speed.

  • Stay steady:

Once you have created your channel and upload first video, then stay consistent because it will take some time to become familiar / popular.


Complete Guide to start Freelancing

Being a freelancer, or self-employed means that instead of working for one company, you are at freedom to work for whoever you prefer, for few hours or maximum amount as you wish. Once you graduate or still studying, freelancing offers an excellent way to try totally corporations or industries and acquire expertise demanded by employers.

Why start freelancing?

There are several reasons to start:

  1. Because of its affordability in nature to start if you have some skills and equipment.
  2. It’s very quick in nature as soon you received the client you can start it and get paid.
  3. It gives you the freedom to work independently and in any kind of place.
  4. It is flexible to work part-time.

What do you need to get started?

A special skill you need to have it in your hand before starting as a freelancer that you can offer to potential clients. Some people offer services based on their employment experience whereas some others acquired them.

How do you find work?

Freelancers can found work everywhere but places linked with social media online and offline need to be acknowledged. Learn about your target market and ask your surrounding where clients are looking for help provide the ideas and resources.

There are many freelancing sites like Fiver, freelancer, Upwork where you can sell your skills and found the work. These sites are not for any specific country, where anyone can do work from anywhere in the world.

Steps to start a successful freelancing business:

  1. Define Goals: The first step is to define your business goal, without a clearly defined goal, it becomes very difficult to achieve what you want and where you would like to go. World topmost entrepreneurs agree on this, before starting a business, take your time, understand it and make sure that this call is the right one.
  2. Find a profitable Niche: Identify the field in which there is less competition. There will be lots of people who will offer their skills at a lower price than you around the world, so you must have some good idea so that you can compete over the price with another freelancer. Initially, you have to work with everyone later you can on your experience decide which client is more comfortable to work with. As you will gain more experience than you can increase your service charges as well and improve your profile as well.


Reason Why Everyone Love Blogging

First step is always difficult. Plenty of patience and hard work is required especially when the case is earning. In all professions to make your mark, you may find it a difficult field. Similarly in blogging too, but once you start putting your energy, it starts rewarding fruits you back. Initially, you may not receive response/work and you can also be disappointed because of lesser traffic on your blogging site but only you need to keep your passion high dedication alive.

First thing you need to keep in mind is that earning dollars is not one night process. Initially, you have to put lot of effort to gain attention, traffic on your website, the trust of your audience, and building a strong profile so that client chooses you for the information he is looking for. To gain audience attention, first of all you have to create a blog. Following are different ways to earn online money as a beginner:

  1. Create a blog

First of all, you need to create a blog. Many free sites available that provide this facility, like WordPress, Tumbler, Gator, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger etc. WordPress is the most famous, oldest and easiest platform for beginners. There are many IT companies that provide training as well for creating blog site like last semester is one of them. Training for other courses included are Android app development, Web graphic designing, Web development, WordPress development and ASP.Net development. To increase traffic on your site, it is very important to deliver quality and unique content that force visitors to visit your profile again and again.

  1. AdSense

AdSense one of the platform provides opportunity you to put your partner’s ads on your website that helps you to attract audience and your partner audience also becomes yours. Ads showing on your websites are relevant to the content of your site and that ultimately increased traffic. When any visitor visits your site see the Google ads, you will get the commission, this is how Google ads help you to earn money.

  1. Amazon Advertisement

Amazon is a famous website for online shopping. It also provides an opportunity to bloggers to earn money by promoting and advertising products through their links. Anyone who buys a product through this link you will get granted commission from selling that product. Giving reviews about the product and recommendations is also another way to earn money from amazon.

  1. Promote your writings

First step to gain traffic is to promote your writing, this is only way through which you can increase your traffic. Promote your content through social media and blogging and any other via which is relatable.

  1. Online courses

Online courses on any content which is suitable for you best way to share your content and earn money easily. It can be in the form of video lectures, youtube channels or slide shows.

  1. Become a Freelance writer

You can also earn money through freelancing and after the Covid pandemic, the online earning and freelancing trend have been increased.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Fast Growing Online Industry

Digital Marketing is the interactive marketing of products or services using digital innovation to identify the purchasers and convert them into regular clients. The concept of Digital Marketing is more effective, measurable, and result-oriented which makes it different from traditional marketing. The traditional way of marketing through billboards, radio and television commercials, through telephone calls, letters, where the internet is not available restrict your business promotion and client access and is also less quantifiable.

Digital Marketing is two-way communication in which businesses connect with customers and customers ask questions or give them feedback/suggestions to run it better. Digital marketing becomes more powerful because of the involvement of social websites, apps, chats, apps, and Email.

Digital Marketing Strategies:

The most successful business strategies used in digital marketing are:-

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy in which you pay for every click done by a user on your site. For example, Google Adwords is a kind of PPC advertising. Similarly, Facebook Ads are another kind of PPC advertising.
  2. Paid Search Advertising: Paid search advertising is one of the simplest ways that Google, Bing, and Yahoo all permit you to focus on potential customers who are actively looking for products and services.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organically ranks pages or journal posts on your website. You don’t need to pay for each click directly. However, to rank pages at top of the search list takes time and energy.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the organic way to use Twitter and Facebook to promote your business. Like, SEO, it also takes time to gain an audience however, it delivers cheaper results in long term.
  5. Content Marketing: Content marketing is another well-considered digital marketing approach that uses blog posts, videos, info-graphics, e-Books to create awareness, drive clicks, sales, or leads.

Last semester is the leading Trainings center in IT which offers specialized courses in the emerging IT field that helps the student to learn the courses in a practical way and get extreme knowledge in their field. Last semester is a highly professional platform and their focus is to provide target-oriented and market-based skills to fresh graduates.

Why pay per click is so Importance in IT industry Till Now

Targeting your audience in any information technology field is most important. The purpose of your efforts is to seek the attention of your audience. In the present world, everyone is trying hard to make their web content attractive for people. Content mostly contains IT fields like, graphic designing, web development, Android app development, and word press on which you have developed your website. But the question is why are this audience is so important? Why we are putting so much effort just to target a specific audience. The audience is the bridges and in many other campaigns can regulate policies as well. This audience helps us to share the content of their interest and in many cases can become ‘clients’ for both parties.

PPC is commonly known as Pay-per-click and in this marketing strategy website, owners get paid for every click done by someone. Payment is made by advertisers whose ad is being displayed on your site. Every business runs having some specific strategy and business is more successful if you have a more fine strategy. There is a number of PPC strategies adopt by search advertisers to target the different types of audience.

 Audience with different behaviors

In this audience are categorized based on their behavior. People based on their behavior have different interests and look for different things. On the basis of people’s actions, we are able to categorize them. Have you ever think about that whenever you do some search on google, it first starts showing/ suggesting you related to the topic and show it till many days. The logic behind this is the google remarketing strategy/list whose purpose is to target an audience based on the previous searches. This is one of the PPC strategies used to target the audience. This helps to target users to visit your website and see your content.

Targeting audience through keywords

One of the most effective tools used by the advertisement industry is the target audience through Keywords. Although this strategy is very useful but choosing a target keyword is not an easy job. Which keyword is being most searched while surfing and understood first you have to ascertain. A keyword may be a one-word or it may be a phrase that audiences are using while doing search engines.


The market audience using PPC strategy

This strategy helps clients to reach relevant web content through a search that belongs to your service.

Focus your competitors

To be successful in business, it is very important to study your competitors. What kind of content they are offering and how to find relevant content and modify it according to the users.


PPC advertising helps you to increase your web traffic resultantly increase your business sale. Bringing the traffic on your web is the most important thing for running any successful website. PPC helps you to segregate your audience into different categories and may exclude the user that is not relevant to the business.

MEAN Stack Development | One Technology to Rule Them All

MEAN Stack Development | One Technology to Rule Them All

There are many ways to build a website and web apps. The use of these technology stacks depends on an individual’s needs and likes. It will never be a wise choice to waste resources on random technologies without any clear vision. In the world surrounded by cutting-edge technologies, batching multiple web technologies to create top-notch and elegant web application is the common phenomenon adopted by developers

Why should you go for the mean Stack Development?

Before you go for the MEAN Stack the very first thing to understand is that what MEAN Stack is?  The term MEAN in MEAN Stack stands for the following:

M –>  MongoDB (Database)

E –> Express.JS (Back-end Framework)

A –>  Angular.JS (Front-end Framework)

N –>Node.JS (Back-end run time environment)

All these technologies were released independently over some time but now together in MEAN Stack development, they accelerate the process of development and robustness to the web apps. All the technologies in this stack use JAVASCRIPT for both client and server-side. The use of the JAVASCRIPT will make your code cleaner because there will be no need to manage code bases for different programming languages.

MEAN Stack development allows a simple single-page site along with complex enterprise solutions which make it more flexible than other frameworks.  It also offers superior performance than the traditional servers because of the NODE Js cross-platform runtime environment.

There will be no headache for you to select the operating system simply you can develop the app and can run it anywhere on windows, Linux, etc.

How will MEAN Stack Development add value to the business?

One must be sure about the outcomes of the solution before begin with mobile / app development.

Some of the leading business brands making effective use of the MEAN Stack development are PayPal, UBER, Netflix and LinkedIn, etc. So if your goal is to leverage high performance, scalable and agile business application then MEAN Stack will be the best option to go with because it will not only promote your business product and services but also leverage customers with the swift results and best experience.

Choosing a technology stack is one’s own choice but if you are planning to power your next Mobile / Web App with the MEAN Stack and you don’t know where to start then  will be the best choice that will address all your needs. You can check out our MEAN Stack Development training at

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