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The Dilemma

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a population of approximately 201,995,540 and stands sixth most populous in the world. In terms of education there are about 445000 university graduates in Pakistan every year out of which 10,000 computer science graduates are produced annually. Now this is just the one side but the other side has a different story.
The other side of the coin is that a fewer one out of fresh computer science graduates can make into the entry level opportunities. This is due to the fact that an education system is based on theoretical learning in order to familiarize with respective domains, disciplines etc.
but the work force required by business or software house entrepreneurs can work only if practically skilled. So hardly anyone from fresh university graduates can satisfy job requirements from employers during their quest for employment.A dilemma is that every business or software house entrepreneur requires a finished product in the form of a computer science professional even for internship or entry level opportunities due to limited vacancies or capital. The cut throat competition in both businesses and among university graduates add more to this existing dilemma.

Though there is an opportunity but for skilled workers only

Though the above mentioned dilemma exists but there are lot of opportunities too. You only require some skill set developed both technically and tactically. There are lot of opportunities in terms of global freelancing market place e.g. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc. through which you can earn even before getting your dream job. However you need to be a writer, designer, programmer, developer, data base expert, digital marketer with enough skills on the board to earn you a lot before getting a call letter from local potential employer or a freelancing client too. The key here is to utilize the best of vacant time with both earning and career grooming in parallel before getting a prospective job. The journey to both getting work from client or dream job will get easierif you may acquire a sound work portfolio in any of the global or local freelance market place. For this you should be technical sound and developed. If developed up with some potential skills you will not only earn but knock your competition out of sight during an interview or job screening to an ideal employer firm.


How to get skilled is the missing link for which we are here

In order to get skilled enough to brand yourself you need a practical work, workspace and training professional who can direct you on practical notes. This is where Last Semester can come handy for you. We give opportunities to fresh university graduates from Computer Science and Marketing disciplines to come and groom their skills per qualification on a real
practical environment under guidance of industry professionals.
You will earn skills and develop portfolio which will help you monetize in future. You will not only become a first preference of an employer among a list of thousands but also may feel confident and negotiate salary, set terms and conditions in lieu with both your qualification and skill set. You will be in a position to dictate to freelancing clients or potential employers on fair terms. So if you want to become an ideal and finished product by working worked with dedication and enthusiasm for your career occupation then step here at Last Semester with both confidence and a mindset for a long lasting practical learning aimed to help you in career growth and job employment opportunities in the very near future.





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