Coronavirus impact globally on the business industry as well as employee’s careers just because of closing all public and private sector ofAll IT industry so employee Necessitation work remotely from home which they can be charged extra deductions from their salary so freelancer can get this opportunity just because of their remotely working procedure will be the same but from their demand, they can get more offer during coronavirus vocations COVID-19

While the Pakistan IT sector is one of the fast-growing industry overall business PSEB (Pakistan software export board) issue graph IT administrations sends out rose 97.34% over the most recent five years. It further asserted that the Ministry guaranteed in the National Assembly that IT administration fares will increment by 271% in the following five years totaling US$ 3.77 billion. The accompanying table records the past and anticipated figures cited by the Ministry dependent on data sourced from Pakistan Software Export Board

For outsourcing, this is a brilliant open door when all IT organization shut overseeing group will work from re-appropriating as they race to an online website to accomplish their work from an outsourcing
Coronavirus is continuing to cause significantly disturb more businesses from all over the world

Coronavirus Covid-19

(COVID-19) can harm much life and also making anxietyamong the peoples

Coronavirus makes life people miserable due to many dead’scasualties. coronavirus has some matching symptoms

Following are symptoms

  1. Felling fevers
  2. Coughing
  3. Sneezing
  4. Sore throats
  5. Shortness of breaths

try to staying at home to avoid travel outside or going for work at an office, IT-related employees can get this opportunity can work remotely from anywhere because they have online or laptop base work and done easily from inside and can earn the money. if the IT industry shutdown people will work from internet and freelancer will get this huge market and make more and more money

The world is going to faster than ever this corona virus stops the world like break to a car and unable to move and suddenly the economy breaks down the government should take action against health care while blaming others. corona virus originally generated from china due to unhygienic products,

but they didn’t know how much it cost to the world and got inflation day by day but vocation break is more good to freelancer profile peoples just because they get more profits of it

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